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Well hello there. I'm the 36 pack Spot Medic.

Babe you're gonna want me to stay over. I’m not being forward, I’ve just got your best interests at heart. I’m a hydrocolloid adhesive mask designed to get you back to clear faced and pimple free in no time.

I’m super easy to use.

1. Clean and dry the affected area.

2. Place me over the spot & press me for 30 seconds so I stick.

3. You go to sleep and I go to work.

4. You’ll see i’ve gone white overnight drawing out the bad stuff, gently peel me off.

5. Cleanse and dry the affected area.

6. Spots should be way calmer and as i’m non drying your pimple will be easier to conceal than the normal crusty mess.

7. Repeat if needed!

If your having a day around the house or work from home stick me on and let me do my thing! I’ll stop you playing or picking your spot too which will reduce scaring.

Babe I am for external use only.