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Taking cute pics

when you’re having a bad skin moment

How to take a sexy selfie

when you’ve got a pimple

Waking up to the mother of all pimples

and its friends

(artists impression)

Hydrocolloid masks

Well hello there. I'm the 36 pack Spot Medic. You're gonna want me to stay over. I’m not being forward, I’ve just got your best interests at heart. I’m a hydrocolloid adhesive mask designed to get you back to clear faced and pimple free in no time.

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How Hydrocolloid masks work..


A pimple like this happens


You apply me (Spot Medic) hydrocolloid adhesive mask overnight.


The bad stuff is drawn out of your spot leaving it smaller, less inflamed, gone!


You can’t even see where your spot has been. There is no crusty mess.


– Has anyone fixed their spots like this before?

Nurses have been secretly using hydrocolloid dressings for years to tackle their spots. It was like a secret. Now it is totally out.

– Can you tell me the technical deets?

Hydrocolloid dressings are biodegradable, non breathable dressings that contain non animal derived gelatin, pectin, carboxy-methylcellulose and some other polymers that promote wound healing.

– How is Spot Medic different from normal spot treatments?

Normal spot treatments target the spot by drying it out, this is a solid theory except the dry sore crusty mess they create makes the spot a target for picking…

– What makes Spot Medic super special?

Everyone has done “surgery” on a pimple at some time. Where I really come into my own is by being a barrier between you and your spot. You can’t see the spot anymore and you can’t touch it.

– OMG you’ve gone white!!

When you wake up you’ll see that i’ve gone white. That’s me sucking the bad stuff out of your spot. I may have brought your spot to a head that will rinse off in the shower or I would have helped calm the whole situation down. Your spot should be smaller and less inflamed.

– Can I use makeup?

Can I use makeup? If you still need a touch of concealer it will be easier to apply as I don’t leave a dry crusty mess. Don’t you hate it when your concealer sticks to dry skin on a pimple?

– How often can I use Spot Medic?

You can use me as much as you want, I won’t irritate or dry out your skin.

– Who makes Spot Medic?

I’m part of the BRITE product range. The BRITE team love creating on trend products. All BRITE products are PETA certified and vegan. You’ll find our products in Priceline in Australia and the team are working hard to grow our distribution every day


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